Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PS>> I forgot some new photos

The "Crouching Tiger" move ...

Captures "Hidden Dragon"

Master James got a new BBQ, I am guarding it (secretly wishing for scraps)

Next door neighbors bring 3yr Old, 15 lbs Maltese to visit

ENOUGH ... Put the bloody Nikon away !!!

Can't you see we have had a full day of activities, and just want to sleep?

We Are Still Puppies!!!!

Yes, it is true ... "We Are Still Puppies"!!!!

The problem lately is that, as my brother and I keep growing, more and more people forget that we are only 13 weeks old.

Today being Tuesday, like every Tuesday, we get weighed by master James to see our growth for that week... well the results are in. Mind you I think something is not right with this weigh in.. but we where both picked up twice and carried over to this object Master James stepped on twice. Well time will tell.




4th March



19th March



25th March



Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Lee's are coming, The Lee's are coming !!!!

Well.... this week has been super hectic !!!

I do apologize for falling behind with my postings :(

I have never seen Master James in full cleaning mode !!! Even though, every time we got outside we make sure to stick our paws and wallow in the muddy water (they have a leaking automatic water sprinkler and he keeps threatening to fix it). Just to see if we can make him madder and more stressed.

So, Master James tells me that their very best friends are coming to spend a week with them from DC, and sure enough they arrive .... WOW .... its a family of 6 !!! We get attention every 5 minutes, even though sometimes we just want to be left alone and sleep.

Anyways ... I thought I would copy the MasterCard Advertisement Concept.... here goes:




Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You made them strong.... we'll make them Army Strong!!!!

Ok... we have all heard and been bombarded with the "Go Army" TV advertising campaign!!!

One thing those ads don't tell you ... is what snipers wear ...... a "Ghillie Suit", my brother and I decided to make our own version.

Now remember folks, different terrains require different types of suits.. here is an example:

Unfortunately, we live by a pool surrounded by Texas Oak, and thus our camouflage needs to be in line with the specific surroundings.... please note these "paw made", high quality and completely customized ghillie suits my brother and I constructed:-

Daylight Saving - Nobody told us !!!

Hi Ya'll,

(yep, we are born and bred Texan's, and proud of it, of course we have no political affiliation yet)

Talk about grumpy, sleep deprived Masters.... I mean its not our fault that last Sunday we where sent 1 hour to bed earlier and also the minor detail that every half hour one of us had to go potties, I guess we could not get our timing right...... anyways...... needless to say both our masters got close to zero sleep.

YEAH !!!! Puppies Rule !!!!

But then again... we are so darn adorable.......

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its Cloudy, Cold 59 degrees and Masters are off to Rob Cary Training Class Orientation

So, its the perfect day to sleep and sleep and more sleep.

I wanted to share with you some pictures of my family, especially my daddy he is 1.77 lbs.

Here is my daddy "Greatbasin Boggi Bear"

This is mommy Great Basin Monroe

If you would like to see us as newly born there are some photos:

I, Garbo, am Puppy No. 5 (and if you compare me to the others you will see I am the only one "up and at'm by week 3)

As for my brother, Buoy, well he is Puppy No. 2 and not much has changed ... he still is very slow and sleepy.

By the way, my masters are so silly, when they came to visit the breeder, and after seen my Dad at 1.77 ... they asked if they could double check if he would fit in their car!!!!

The other car is a two seater convertible , so one of us will always call "shotgun" and I think the competition will start to see who can have the longest drool attached whilst speeding down the freeway!!!! LOL .... I guess that is why other cars have windshield wipers!!!

I heard down the grape vine that Rob Cary in San Antonio has another 2 dogs signed up for the K.P.T and basic class.... wait till they see us... (compared to Chihuahua's) we might just end up with only us to in the class... LOL.

I am sure Master James and Jenn will tell us all about it after tonight.

By the way.. we have learned our names and the word "come"... but we only do it because of the ensuing treat and the adoration we get

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Complaints received so soon and only after 27 visitors

I have spent the best part of this morning addressing numerous complaints, and I am not happy!!! Growl.....

It appears that certain readers want to see more puppy photos, so I woke up Master James and said that we need a photo shoot.. PRONTO !!!

Puppies, Camera, Lights and Action !!!

Wait ... What do you mean Annie Leibowitz is currently unavailable ?? Then get a suitable replacement like Elliott Erwitt, James Nachtwey, Ray McSavaney, Sally Mann, Jill Freedman or if Steve McCurry can take the famous blue eyed girl for Nat Geo, he can take our shot also.

They all have other engagements? Rubbish !!! You want something done... do it yourself......

Woof Woof....Master James.. get the camera and lets gooooo... don't you realize your losing light !!!

Buoy looking majestic

He looks like a baby newfie


Money shot

Me... the editor

No, I'm not ready... still waiting patiently for hair stylist and makeup!

Someone will grow up BIG and Strong

Ahh.. all this work is making me tired, maybe tomorrow we will get better light!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing the White Ghost

In his prime at the Rehoboth Beach:

Well like all good responsible bloggers and serious journalists, I went straight to the source and asked the Male Human with the limited vocabulary, (Master James) about this White Ghost.

Rather eloquently and very articulately his response was (considering all I hear from him is No, No, No) that the White Ghost has a name "Bailey" and he is a 13 year old Samoyed, who has been there beloved companion for all these years. The in joke is that he is now called Mr. Burns (from the Simpsons) as he is very old, frail, arthritic, with failing vision and also diabetic, who has had ALC operation on his back legs and yes rather grumpy when dealing with annoying little puppies.

But for all these aliments, he is still a young pup at heart, with an amazing persistent penchant for life. Bailey and his masters still play fetch every day, albeit not at a great distance and nor at high speeds.

Master James also requested that I include some photos of Bailey, from Past to Present:

Potomac River

Cloisters NYC

NYC in Winter and Summer

Todays photo in San Antonio

I guess that explains everything... he's a Nu Yawker and thus the attitude !!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson

As part of our exploration process, I have notice that living here is like living in a maze, some pocket doors slide open and others close behind us, and then all of a sudden our path is blocked by what appears to be baby gates??

I got the feeling we where not alone...

In fact I was right !!! There is another here amongst us ... BIG WHITE GHOST, but he seems grumpy, slow and old.

I was telling my brother this (but he is not too bright) and then right in front of us, we saw him...... so we did want any normal puppies would do ... we ran as fast as we could towards the White Ghost and introduced our self by jumping, nipping and general puppy behavior.

Well suffice it to say, this was not a good idea in retrospect, because my little brother was a little too annoying and got nipped by the White Ghost, all I heard was a growl followed by my brothers yelp and then the running steps of my masters.

Before I knew it... I was placed in our crate, the White Ghost was quadrant off and my brother driven off at high speeds (again).

When he came back, he told me that he was taken to some emergency location where other humans fussed all over him and gave him tablets to eat.
All this for a little 1/8' cut on his eye lid.... man these master panic at anything!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jackpot Baby !!!!

Ok, so here we are at this new location, we now call it Home.

Buoy and I, are starting to explore our new surrounding and better understand these two humans.

Here are some of our first photos:

See.. I do look adorable!

my brother "Buoy" out cold

just us two keeping each other company