Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Both pronounced the same ... in either case all of you have had to "weight" for the latest puppy update on their "wait" ... or is that vise versa?

So with out further adieu.....
Week Buoy Garbo
4th March 31 24
19th March 38.4 31.4
25th March 39.6 32.6
1st April 43.4 36
8th April 46.8 40
15th April 53 45.4
22nd April 56.8 47.8
29th April Missed Missed
6th May 59 49
13th May 61.8 53.6

Friday, May 9, 2008

Introduction to WATER !!! Part 3 of 3

Hi All,

Masters' James & Jenn have been very busy the last few weeks. Of course we are still adorable as ever.

In fact our Masters' love us soooo much, they decided to join the Texas State Park, so that we could experience new and wonderful things.... such as the Guadalupe River.

I know it is hard to believe, but they get up very early on Saturday morning (a day renowned for sleeping in till 1pm and then searching for a place that would offer breakfast at 3pm), pack the Outback with 20 or so towels, water , camera's, leashes, treats, spare cloths etc etc (you would think we are going away on a weeks vacation) and drive up the road to the park.

Well, it was absolutely beautiful and not many humans to distract us from our primary objective.... The River !!!

Here we learned that we can slowly go deeper and deeper into the water and swim, also how to do a U-Turn and swim back to our masters when called.

All in all we had a perfect morning and slept throughout the whole day.

What is a River ??

It's Wet, Gooey and Fun

This is how one paddles and floats...

What to do when Called...

Some positive reenforcement...

Released out again...

Mastering the "swim to me when called"

Sent out Deeper and Deeper

OK.... even you the reader are understanding the repetitiveness of this training technique...

Now... its just goof off time... yeah !!!

No guesses where we are going tomorrow morning !!!!!..... I guess there will be a part 4 after all.