Thursday, February 28, 2008

We arrived at our new home

Hello readers, my name is Garbo and I am the little cute female.... and this is my memory !!!

Having been first visited at the tender age of 4 weeks by two strange humans that seemed to be GaGa over the young male with all intentions of purchasing him and taking him away from our litter, at first I was a little concerned, so I did what comes naturally...

I made a bee line to the female human, eyes wide open,tongue out and waging my tail as hard as I could.... Success... I had a bite, all of a sudden I was too cute for school, and after a period of adulation from the sweet female human, I hear for the first time a new sound.... the word "no" !

I guess the male human has a limited vocabulary because it was repeated "ad infinitum" no, no, No, NO, NOO, NOOO !!!!! At this point my attention span gave way and I was off doing other things, but I have a vague recollection of the two humans first in a hearty discussion, followed by negotiations and finally compromises.

Well, before long... I was scooped up in the arms of the female human and taken toward to male human with a limited vocabulary and heard the following words uttered "... look Garbo... say goodbye to the man that rejected you !!!"

WOW, this human knows how to get what she wants, without having to wiggle her tail.

Suffice it to say... the humans came for 1 male, but ended up paying for 2 deposits!!

Again my attention span gave way.... but I saw him again 4 weeks later and before I knew it, my brother and I are speeding away from everything we know and our safe home in Houston.
So we decide to show our displeasure by whinnying a lot.

As big vehicles whizz past, as if they where standing still, I hear the male human on the phone saying "listen... no police officer in the State of Texas is going to give me a speeding ticket, I have precious cargo, for once I have a legitimate get out of jail card... I have cute puppies in the back"

Suffice it to say, 4 hours later we are at a totally new location.... I wonder what is install for us next?This is us at our first meeting with the humans