Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Much Time Has Passed

Hello Devoted Readers,

So much time has passed that you must be wondering what has been going on with us, well .... where do I start?

My brother "Buoy" and I are now fully grown and will be 4 years of age in December 2011, albeit we are still somewhat immature, especially if we can get away with it and look cute in the process :)

We have just returned from an amazing vacation in which our masters took us some 1,800 miles to the East Coast and we got to experience "THE BEACH" for the first time. We spent the whole month hanging out with warm temperatures in the day and cool evenings, lots of sand and sea gull chasing along the shore... more about that in a moment!!

We also survived an Earthquake and Hurricane Irene... and boy where our Masters stressed about that event.

But enough about boring reading.... lets post photos !!!!!

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