Monday, July 28, 2008

3 NEW POSTS IN ONE DAY.... Its a miracle !!!!

Yes folks... its true ..... this post and 2 below are new !!!!!

And for those that don't enjoy my stories and only want to see photos.... here they are.... many and many and many!!!!!

Ok.. I just set it up and there are only 181 in one album, but it is a start and more will come!!!

Does anyone remember the 60's & 70's???

Well... you needed 3 things:

  1. A hat to pass them around...
  2. A supply of sugar cubes...
  3. An eye dropper...

Upon ingesting the sugar cube one would find a subject to look at and then after awhile your imagination would take over... and the subject would melt and deform right before your eyes..... observe:-



After a long hiatus ……. WE’RE BACK !!!!

OK... so first things first.....

The reason for hiatus is basically a simple one..."TIME"

Allow me to expand on this... everyone has been super busy...
  1. Master Jenn and Master James have been working at their REAL jobs
  2. Master James has been using the camera for other "very serious pursuits" more on that later !!!
  3. We have been growing and growing and growing (ad infinitum)
  4. It takes hours to load photos on this stupid blog site
  5. Master Jenn and Master James have been working at their SECOND jobs - puppy proofing the house !!
  6. Last but not least ... Master James has been spending all his time answering and dealing with peoples complaints about not seeing more posting.
So .. lets talk about point 5 !!!

If anyone out there is thinking of getting a Newfie, please take this into consideration.

The seven foot rule ... anything and I mean anything that is below seven feet gets eaten, licked or drooled on.
Dear reader... lets stop a moment in time and lets ponder on this one !!! Hmmmmmmm, stop reading and look away from your computer and look around your own house/room and lets find things that need to be moved to be in line with this new 7 ft rule:
  1. Flowers and their vases
  2. Electrical cables and wiring
  3. Ornate Bowls
  4. All paper products
  5. Lounges and cushions
  6. Packets of cigarettes
  7. Hard things, soft things, furry things, spiky things, light things, heavy things.... basically any things!!!
In essence it is the same rule all convertible car owners deal with.... if you leave it there... be prepared to lose it !!!!

But there is good news.... the puppies have not learned to piggy back each other otherwise it would be the 10 ft rule!!

Now I can hear you thinking... hmmmm it does not seem like such a big deal !!!
Well let now take this rule outside:
  1. All plants are eaten
  2. All bits of wood, bark, tree limbs, rocks, stones are all removed and repositioned were you don't want them to be.. usually in the door way
  3. The Pool... arrggg The Bloody Pool... well there is a disaster every time they go outside(ohh and did I mention that it takes a minimum of 2 large beach towels to dry off one puppy and wait... did I also mention the amount of loads that go into the washing machine)
  4. Not to mention more dog hair in the skimmer basket than leaf matter.
By now you get the picture, but wait theres more !!! Now times what you have understood by the factor of 2, because its not one puppy that causes grief but both of them, simultaneously.

So in closing, its not that the puppies are bad, its TIME that is bad.
Time does not come back, Time does not stop, nor does it pause and unfortunately it does not speed up either... we have 2 puppies for the next two years!

YI HAA !!!
Black Mountain Bear Sighting in Texas - no wait its Garbo demonstrating her bark eating ability and reinforcing the new 7 ft rule.