Thursday, April 24, 2008

Introduction to WATER !!! Part 2 of 3

After several hours of playing with our new toy...... and being completely wet... I asked master James if we could play with his similar toy... excepts its much bigger and better.....

He said maybe later on... its now time to rest and dry off a little ...

Of course this means "Photo Op", the cuter I look, the more photos get snapped!!!

Introduction to WATER !!! Part 1 of 3

Masters James & Jenn went and bought for us our very own pool (ok... it aboveground, plastic and probably the best $12 dollar investment from Walmart)

Regardless, it is the best toy they have bought for us yet!!!!!

Of course my brother, who personality leads him to be the leader and the most fearless amongst us, was the indeed the first to jump in.....

Once I noticed how much fun he was having by himself........

I too decided to follow his lead....

In fact... our new toy is so much fun.... everybody wants to play with us in the pool.......

So.... what happens next ?????

Monday, April 14, 2008

His gentle soul remains amongst us...

Bailey 1995 - 2008

It is with great regret and with the deepest condolences in which I announce Bailey's passing, due to medical reasons.

He has been with my masters for over 13 years, and every day was a moment of joy and some kind of adventure... but always the same enthusiastic greeting every single evening!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A visitor arrives...

(sound) _________
Nock Nock !!
(male voice) _____ Who's there?

(female voice) ____ It's your mother-in-law!!
(male voice) _____ Oh, OK, hang on..... just a minute...
(male voice) _____ "RELEASE THE HOUNDS" !!!
(sound) _________ Two large breeds barking and scampering closer
(female voice) ____ AAAHHHHHH!!!!
(sound) _________ Camera - Click, Click, Click, Click

(male voice) _____RELEASE !!!

EDITORS NOTE: No dogs or any animals for that matter where unfairly treated or harmed in any way during the making of this short Broadway adaptation "The In-laws".
Unfortunately several stunt double where needed to play the part of the Mother-in-law, after hospitalization they have since recovered very well from the constant puppy love fest!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello everyone

I am really sorry for not having the time to sit at my office and write down our most recent adventures ... unfortunately we have been sooooo busy with all sorts of puppy activities. Plus Master James has been mumbling something about Taxes and how this year they don't want to apply for another extension.

Anyways, over the next couple of days I will tell you all about the following:
  1. Grandma's special visit
  2. KPT Classes
  3. Introduction to water, and.......
  4. More visits to the place where white coat humans prod, poke and fuss all over us.
AND YES..... before more complaints are received... MANY, MANY PHOTOS !!!

In the mean time.... just relax with the magic liquid amber:-